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The dictionary defines fear as: the anticipation of misfortune or pain.

Fear  is one of the most intense emotions and also one of the most prevalent. Most people experience fear from time to time. It can come in crippling waves of anxiety, preventing a person from acting. Or it can be more subtle, starting out as a small seedling of doubt, and then growing into indecision, and then crystallizing into a petrified state.

However, sometimes fear is  a luxury that not everyone can afford to feel. When dragons rule the surface, and people count on you for survival, you must face your fear, control it, and beat it into submission. At least, this is what life demands of Ayanna Grace on an almost continuous basis. Ayanna has learned that in the age of dragons, you have to choose between fear and courage if you want to survive. Fortunately for Terra, she knows which side of the line she stands on.