Love In the Age of Dragons


Ayanna lunged forward, unclear as to what she could do to help, but a dragon flew from the sky just above her head. She looked up and screamed when its long tail barely missed her. She wanted to make her way back toward the soldiers, but she couldn’t cover the distance quickly enough, and now the dragons were coming from all directions. She ran instead, her hands grasping at the rocks and roots that came out of the side of the precipice, as she fought her way back up to the street.

The screeching was terrible. The creatures attempted to encircle her, two streams of fire forming trails around her. All Ayanna could think to do was keep running. The heat of their flames threatened to scorch her skin as they began to light the ground in front of her.


Love In the Age of Dragons tells the story of seventeen-year-old Ayanna Grace who has never had to fight dragons, set broken bones, or find a way to rescue her neighbors and friends from dying until her late physicist father accidentally opened a wormhole to another universe and ushered a viscous species into the world.

Now, Ayanna lives in a small community of survivors called Terra. Every day, she must balance her time between training as a medic, enduring life in the subway tunnels beneath the city, and overcoming the failures of the adults who were chosen to lead.

During it all, Ayanna finds herself torn between her complicated love for Terra’s handsome young militia leader, Richard, whom she blames for her father’s death; and an intriguing, young stranger, Jackson, who holds secrets of his own.

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