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Thank you to the Dunwoody Authors and Friends Bookstore for a fantastic Lemonade Days Local Author Showcase

Thank you to everyone who attended the April 22-23, 2023 Local Author Showcase and book signing at the Lemonade Days Festival in Dunwoody, Georgia.

I was so happy to spend time with readers and fans of Love in the Age of Dragons. This was a wonderful, family-fun event where we were able to discuss publishing, writing, and much more.

Please look out for my participation at upcoming events this summer!

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Love in the Age of Dragons is a 2022 American Fiction Awards Finalist in Multicultural Fiction and Science Fiction: Post-Apocalyptic

I am so excited to announce that Love in the Age of Dragons is a finalist in the 2022 American Fiction Awards in the categories of Multicultural Fiction and Science Fiction: Post-Apocalyptic.

Congratulations to all of the winner and finalist of the 2022 American Fiction Awards! View the full results listing here.

American Fiction Awards Finalist
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Praise for Love in the Age of Dragons

“Love in the Age of Dragons is an excitingly paced ride through dangerous stakes. Ayanna, selfless and brave, carries a heavy burden tied to her father’s past actions. The twist and turns to her heroic journey through Terra—a final safe haven for humans—and the dangerous dragon-infested surface test her determination and trust in both herself and others.
Yodassa Williams, author of The Goddess Twins

The author describes an extraordinary world through a thrilling and addictive narrative. The characters embedded in this dynamic tale are complex and very well written. Ayanna is a strong and brave yet believable main character that sets a healthy role model for anyone who might pick up this book. The people that surround her are as three-dimensional as she is. Henson pays attention to details. The result is a fast-paced but not rushed story, perfect for dystopia/fantasy lovers.

Readers’ Favorite, #1, 5-star review

Besides the wonderful story, the book is beautiful to look at with fantastic cover art and decorative details. Love in the Age of Dragons perfectly blends together young love, suspense, danger and magic to create a story that I loved…I absolutely loved the magic of this story. Fatima R. Henson took me on an adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for a sequel!

Readers’ Favorite, #2, 5-star review

Fatima R. Henson crafted this dystopian-style story with an edge of fantasy, making this an original view of what technology could open…Readers who like to read post-apocalyptic stories filled with unknown dangers with fantasy creatures included will like Love in the Age of Dragons.

Readers’ Favorite, #3, 5-star review

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Fatima R. Henson Wins the STEP Contest

In an effort to address the publishing industry’s lack of diverse voices, She Writes Press and SparkPress launched the She Writes Press and SparkPress Toward Equality in Publishing (STEP) contest in 2018 to offer two female authors of color a publishing package to publish on either She Writes Press or SparkPress.

In its fourth contest year, and after reading through almost 70 phenomenal manuscript submissions—SparkPress selected Fatima R. Henson’s sci-fi novel, Love in the Age of Dragons, as one of the three 2021 winners.

Fatima R. Henson will publish on the SparkPress Fall 2022 season with her winning book Love in the Age of Dragons. 

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F.R. Henson Joins The Writer’s Center

F.R. Henson is proud to be a new member of The Writer’s Center, an independent home for the literary arts in the D.C. area. The Writer’s Center states that the organization “cultivates the creation, publication, presentation, and dissemination of literary work.”

The organization offers a variety of programming and outreach opportunities to support writers in their endeavors.  It  provides writing workshops, hosts literary events that feature authors of local, national, and international renown and partners with other organizations to promote the art of local artists.

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No Substitute for Persistence

When writing a novel, finishing a script, or accomplishing anything worthwhile, one must remember that persistence is key. I often remember this fact in times when I am stuck and I cannot figure out how to move my characters forward or how to make my plot more believable. But then, I remember that with persistence and belief in my goal, the answer will come to me.

I love my book. I love my book so much so, that my love pushes me forward and helps me to get up and write as many pages as I can per day. My characters are so wonderful that I feel a burning desire to bring them to life and to share them with the world. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the inspiration to write the LAD series. I am also grateful for all of my fans.

So, to all of you inspiring writers out there or just to anyone who has a goal in life, just remember that there is no substitute for persistence.

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LAD Manuscript Is Well On Its Way

I love writing my book. Anyone who has ever tried knows that it is a complex relationship. Sometimes, the genius flows out of you as easily as water flows downhill, and other times, it is a struggle to find the correct words to fill your page. Nonetheless, I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to bring this brilliant and inspired thought to life. I love my characters and it is my hope, dream, and burning desire that the whole world will love them too. Thank you in advance for your contribution to my experience as a writer.