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The Mark of Good Leader

What makes a good leader? There are several characteristics of a person that makes her someone that others are willing to follow: bravery, intelligence, organization, and a positive attitude. One of the other qualities that is essential to leadership is integrity.

Hypocrisy is the fastest way to lose the respect of those around you. This is especially true in a world like Terra, where danger comes from all directions, and the population can only rely on each other. In this post-apocalyptic world,  leadership means life or death to anyone who is willing to follow.

Consequently, the people must be careful about who they choose to lead and what they are willing to accept from their leadership, because when it comes to life in the age of dragons, one wrong move could be your last.

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Love At First Sight

Does love at first sight really exist? Many stories tell the tale of two people seeing each other for the first time and instantly falling in love. Or, similarly, a man is sitting at a cafe, when he sees the love of his life come in and he is immediately swept away and made love sick.

But what is really occurring here? Is this love or simply chemicals rushing to the brain, clouding our judgment, and making us think less clearly. Or perhaps, there is something else going on. Maybe, when two people meet, they can instantly read a vibe from the other person, letting them know that the other person should look no further.

I suppose it is possible that there could be such a thing as love at first sight. Maybe someone learns all that they need to know the instant that the two lock eyes. Maybe love really is in the eye of the beholder.

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When Dragons Attack

When I watch the news and see crises unfold, I often wonder about human nature. It seems that crises can bring out the worst or the best in people. Reports of natural disasters often show harrowing  tales of survival and the depth and complexity of the human spirit. My heart is warmed when I witness survivors coming together to share, and give love and compassion to their neighbors. These same reports can also show how disaster can bring out the worst in people. Unfortunately, scarcity and fear sometimes takes over and people behave terribly toward one another.

I like to believe, that in any emergency situation, everyone will dig deeply into themselves and remember that people need each other. Sharing love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness is essential to the survival of human kind. I like to think that if dragons do attack, people will come together so that we will be sure to survive.

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No Substitute for Persistence

When writing a novel, finishing a script, or accomplishing anything worthwhile, one must remember that persistence is key. I often remember this fact in times when I am stuck and I cannot figure out how to move my characters forward or how to make my plot more believable. But then, I remember that with persistence and belief in my goal, the answer will come to me.

I love my book. I love my book so much so, that my love pushes me forward and helps me to get up and write as many pages as I can per day. My characters are so wonderful that I feel a burning desire to bring them to life and to share them with the world. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the inspiration to write the LAD series. I am also grateful for all of my fans.

So, to all of you inspiring writers out there or just to anyone who has a goal in life, just remember that there is no substitute for persistence.

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LAD Manuscript Is Well On Its Way

I love writing my book. Anyone who has ever tried knows that it is a complex relationship. Sometimes, the genius flows out of you as easily as water flows downhill, and other times, it is a struggle to find the correct words to fill your page. Nonetheless, I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to bring this brilliant and inspired thought to life. I love my characters and it is my hope, dream, and burning desire that the whole world will love them too. Thank you in advance for your contribution to my experience as a writer.