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Our loyalties often influence our actions.

Ideally, loyalty should be earned. However, sometimes it is forced through coercion, fear, or circumstances.

But, the real question is not how do we form loyalties, but rather how do we keep them. What is it that causes us to remain loyal to a person, a group, a brand, or a cause?

The bonds of loyalty can be as strong as steel or they can be loose and amorphous like silly string. Loyalty can last for an eternity or dissolve after a task or mission completes.

Also, are we loyal to people because they are loyal to us, or do we remain loyal to people despite where their loyalties lie? And is loyalty a quality or a flaw?

On the surface, it would seem that being loyal to a friend or a loved one would be one of the best expressions of love that you could offer another person. But what happens when their interests are no longer your interests? What do you do when you thought that the person you admired or were devoted to is not who you thought they were at all? Do you press through and hold on tight, reinforcing the pledge you’ve made to them and to yourself to remain loyal? Or do you cut your losses and move on to greener pastures?

Your answers are personal and individual. However, crises, pressure, destruction, and danger often bring these questions to the forefront.

Ayanna is deeply loyal to the ones she loves, but what does she do when these loyalties are strained? In the age of dragons, some questions don’t lend themselves to easy answers.

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A New Year

In times of peace, a new year brings new possibilities, a renewed sense of hope, and new purpose. It represents a time to celebrate all of life’s possibilities and opportunities.

Unfortunately, for Guardian’s population, the new year means new struggles, new heartache, and new foes.

The group will hold out as long as it can, but what will it mean when the enemies from within, and the enemies from the outside converge?

Ayanna Grace has no other choice  than to look toward the changing times with optimism if she wants to survive. She has to hope for the best, but being smart, she also prepares for the worst.

In the times she faces, the rules are different, and the stakes are higher. In the age of dragons, the new year doesn’t always promise to be a happy one.

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Desire. Everyone experiences it. Most deny it. Its presence causes us to ask ourselves many questions: Do we control our desires? Or do our desires control us? Do we always have time for this emotion? Or is it too strong to be concerned with time or place?

In an age where creatures wait to burn down your home and devour your very being, is there room for desire? And what about love? Is it separate and apart from desire, or are they one in the same?

Often, we submerge desires, at least for a time. But what happens when the emotion is mixed with love? Can it be submerged or does it burn like a bright flame within the recesses of the heart, aching to come to the surface?

The answers aren’t always easy for Ayanna to come by, but she surely faces these questions because in the age of dragons, desire might be all she has left to hold to.

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Trust is difficult to earn but easy to lose. Trust is the backbone of all relationships from boyfriend and girlfriend to customer and cashier. Society can’t function without trust.

But what about in an age when society is in shambles, food is scarce, and treachery is high? Who can be trusted then?

This is the age that Ayanna faces. Who should she trust in the age of dragons?

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Perspective allows you to see things for how they truly are. Sometimes, when we stand too close to a situation, it is difficult to see a proper solution. That’s when perspective comes in handy. It’s a step back. A change of viewpoint.

In relationships, dangerous situations, and times of disaster. You need perspective. It’s what helps you think of a way out, a possibility of success, or just a way to keep your hope.

Perspective is what Ayanna tries to maintain in her ever changing world.

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True friends are priceless. They stay with you through thick and thin, and they support your endeavors in life. Friendship is especially important in times of uncertainty when people need to be able to turn to one another for love and support.

In Guardian, friendship can literally mean the difference between life and death;  especially when you have to count on your friends to have your back no matter what. Fortunately, Ayanna understands the importance of friends and the necessity of keeping them safe. This is why she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep them alive.

In an uncertain world, sometimes all you can count on is the constancy of friendship.

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The dictionary defines fear as: the anticipation of misfortune or pain.

Fear  is one of the most intense emotions and also one of the most prevalent. Most people experience fear from time to time. It can come in crippling waves of anxiety, preventing a person from acting. Or it can be more subtle, starting out as a small seedling of doubt, and then growing into indecision, and then crystallizing into a petrified state.

However, sometimes fear is  a luxury that not everyone can afford to feel. When dragons rule the surface, and people count on you for survival, you must face your fear, control it, and beat it into submission. At least, this is what life demands of Ayanna Grace on an almost continuous basis. Ayanna has learned that in the age of dragons, you have to choose between fear and courage if you want to survive. Fortunately for Terra, she knows which side of the line she stands on.